Biotechnology that Creates Renewable Oils from Microalgae

Through our world class genetic and chemical engineering capabilities, we’re coupling proprietary strains of algae with standard industrial biotechnology; converting what the earth produces naturally into what society needs most - oil.

Solazyme's proprietary biotechnology platform creates renewable oils by harnessing microalgae's prolific oil production capabilities. Through world-class molecular biology and chemical engineering capabilities, we're able to cost-effectively produce high-value tailored oils.

How the Solazyme biotechnology platform works

Most microalgae produce their own nutrients by using sunlight in a photosynthetic process. Our proprietary microalgae are heterotrophic, meaning they grow in the dark (in fermenters) by consuming sugars derived from plants that have already harnessed the sun's energy.

By using standard industrial fermentation equipment, we're able to efficiently scale and accelerate microalgae's natural oil production time to just a few days and at commercial levels.