Company / Strategy

Our goal is to be the global market leader in the design and production of renewable oils and bioproducts. Our oils serve as a replacement, enhancement or supplement to oils used today whether petroleum-, plant-, or animal-based. The principal elements of our strategy are:

  • Continue our customer-driven approach to technology and product development. We've focused our innovation efforts to create tailored oils that meet defined market needs as described by our existing and potential customers.
  • Prioritize product launches that are most attractive economically. We prioritize our market entry using criteria such as the highest average selling prices (ASPs) and gross margins, lowest capital requirements and shortest time to market.
  • Execute on our diversified feedstock strategy. Our ability to leverage a wide variety of feedstocks enables us to deploy a diversified feedstock strategy for the four markets we target. By working with us, partners can improve the return they realize on their feedstock and diversify their business beyond their current product portfolio, enabling higher margins and reduced financial volatility.