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Meet the Newest Revolution In Microalgae Food Ingredients

The need for healthier, simpler food ingredients has never been greater. We produce microalgae-derived food ingredients, which provide a significant improvement in nutrition and broad functionality, while helping to reduce costs.

AlgaVia™ Whole Algal Flour – is a nutrient and lipid rich-whole food ingredient that provides a solution for improving nutritional profiles in a multitude of applications, such as Bakery, Beverages, Sauces, Dressings and Frozen Desserts. Algal flour is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol free, and can considerably reduce calories, while providing the same overall mouth feel and consistency as full fat foods.

AlgaVia™ Whole Algal Protein – is a new, whole-food source of protein. This microalgae-derived protein contains fiber, healthy lipids and micronutrients. The protein’s whole cell properties allow for easy formulation into a broad range of applications for protein fortification and increased nutrition.

Upcoming Events

IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo 2014
AlgaVia™ - Redefining the future of food at this year's IFT Expo
June 21-25 in New Orleans, Explore with us at Booth #5641
To schedule an opportunity to meet with our sales team at IFT, please email foodingredients [at] solazyme [dot] com

Cooking Up Science – Live Demo highlighting AlgaVia™ Microalgae Food Ingredients
Cooking Up Science Stage, Exhibit Hall with Chef Charlie Baggs
Sunday, 12:30 pm
Featuring: AlgaVia™ Whole Algal Protein (Smoothie) and Whole Algal Flour (Cajun Alfredo Sauce Pasta)

Live Demos at AlgaVia™ Booth #5641
Witness Innovation in action
Sunday, 3 pm
Monday, 11:30 am, 2:30pm

All Day Sampling at AlgaVia™ Booth #5641
A quick taste of what the future holds for food
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, all day
Featuring a multitude of applications highlighting the unique benefits of our AlgaVia™ Microalgae Food Ingredients platform