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Navy Demonstrates Solazyme's Soladiesel HRF-76® Renewable F-76 Fuel

Solazyme's 100% algal derived naval distillate fuel used in ships tested in United States Navy Riverine Command Boat

South San Francisco, CA – October 22, 2010 – Solazyme, Inc.'s CEO and co-founder Jonathan Wolfson released the following statement after the United States Navy conducted a full power demonstration of Solazyme's algae-based fuel this morning on a Navy Riverine Command Boat at the Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia:

"Solazyme is proud to provide the first microbially derived ship fuel used by the Navy in a military boat. The United States Navy's commitment to reducing dependence on fossil fuels has taken another step forward today and we applaud their leadership. We are honored to be a part of Navy's efforts to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels."

Solazyme's technology will help the Department of Defense reduce its carbon footprint, combat global climate change and lead in the development of clean and renewable energy sources. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil is a national security imperative, and Solazyme's technology focuses on producing an abundant, domestic and renewable source for oil and fuels. Solazyme's Soladiesel® diesel fuels meet ASTM, EU, and certain military specifications.

For more information on the Navy fuel demonstration, please see their press release here.


About Solazyme:
Solazyme, Inc. is a renewable oil and bioproducts company and the leader in algal biotechnology. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in South San Francisco, Solazyme's unique technology allows algae to produce oil and biomaterials in standard fermentation facilities quickly, efficiently and at large scale. These natural oils and biomaterials are tailored not only for fuel production, but also as replacements for fossil-derived petroleum and a variety of natural plant oils and compounds, making them useful in a wide range of products: from oleochemicals, to cosmetics, to foods. Solazyme's oils and fuels provide compelling solutions to increasingly complex issues of fuel scarcity, energy security and environmental impact while fitting cleanly into the pre-existing multi-trillion dollar fuel infrastructure. Solazyme's investors among others include Braemar Energy Ventures, Harris & Harris Group, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Roda Group, and Vantage Point Venture Partners. For more information, please visit our website:

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