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Improving Health through Microalgae

Solazyme’s portfolio of innovative algal-derived skincare products are delivering the next-generation of breakthrough ingredients needed to help keep the skin looking healthy and young.

Solazyme has developed a portfolio of innovative skin care products based on the characteristics of algae, which have evolved over millions of years to protect themselves from damaging environmental factors such as desiccation and UV exposure—the same harsh elements that affect our skin.Through extensive research, Solazyme has developed algal oil based skin and personal care ingredients, including discovering and isolating a protective molecule that microalgae uses, which we've named Alguronic Acid®.

Alguronic Acid® is a unique, proprietary family of polysaccharides extracted from algae in a process we developed. When used in skin care applications, clinical and in vitro test results indicated that Alguronic Acid® delivers long-term protective benefits, as well as immediate, visible benefits.

In 2011, Solazyme signed distribution agreements of our Algenist™ skin care line with Sephora International, Sephora USA, and QVC.