Our Culture

Lots of companies talk about changing the world, but few get around to actually doing it. Solazyme is one of the few.

The company was founded in 2003 on the idea that microalgae, an ancient oil producer, might hold the key to eliminating the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. Since then, our vision — and our mission — has only grown.

Solazyme is guided by the fearless pursuit of “what-ifs,” with a culture committed to creativity, problem solving and the search for never-before-explored solutions. It is this willingness to chase new ways of thought that has driven the growth of our business: from biofuels to skincare to powerhouse food ingredients.

That’s why we’re looking for even more pioneers, risk-takers and innovators who, like us, see limitless possibilities in the most unexpected places. So kick-start your career on the cutting-edge, and join us in our mission to make the world a better (and greener) place.


Work Hard, Play Hard

It’s never all work and no play at Solazyme. Employees enjoy annual ski trips, family summer outings, and weekly catered lunches and happy hours, among other fun perks.

Health & Wellness

Solazyme helps employees balance their work life with a commitment to wellness, offering weekly yoga, Zumba and boot camp classes, monthly gym membership stipends and healthy snacks in our fully stocked kitchens.

Doing Good

Solazyme isn’t just changing the world with its products. Our employees are also positive forces in their local communities, hosting food and toy drives and advocating for green living with cycling teams and company cars powered by Soladiesel.

South San Francisco
South San Francisco
Employees at Solazyme’s headquarters oversee the global vision and execution of Solazyme’s products and innovations. The hub of our innovation, career fields at Solazyme South San Francisco include research and development, business, and commercial.
The Peoria facility, which once served as a brewery, today employs a world-class manufacturing and engineering team whose job it is to commercialize Solazyme’s groundbreaking technology. Careers at Solazyme Peoria range from process technicians and engineers to quality experts, along with a few office folks who hold it all together.
At the center of Solazyme’s South American operations, employees in the Sao Paulo office oversee manufacturing and partnerships and extend Solazyme’s global reach. Career fields include manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Current Openings


Microalgae. Macro Solutions. At Solazyme we transform microalgae, the smallest of organisms, into solutions for the worlds biggest problems.